Advanced Technology, Low Cost

The Challenge

Perhaps you're a veteran in the world of marketing campaigns?

Perhaps you're looking to lead your first?

Perhaps you need an end-to-end solution?

There are many considerations to make when planning a campaign from the type of promotion, logistics & distribution to the reward itself. Factor in the reporting needs you may need to track and the communications with customers, done manually, running a single campaign would be resource intensive. How a business solves for these factors can determine the success of a promotion and the worth of running them.

Undertaking a campaign does not need to be a complicated process nor does it need to be manual, consider our solution to the world of marketing

The Solution

Introducing MaxRedeem! Designed with corporate interests in mind and tempered by live use of our platform, the team at WebDev is proud to offer our end-to-end redemption solution for the complete management of promotions & campaigns within a single interface. With data capturing technology powering it's reporting suite, get complete visibility of multiple campaigns and engage with your customers with the power of automation!


Complete Control over your promotion data via an administration interface.

Claim Fulfilment

Granular Reporting available giving you insights into aspects of the claim data you never expected.

Despatch Tracking

Communicate delivery status to customers automatically at each stage from purchase confirmation to delivery


Gauge the success of your campaigns through our extensive reporting engine

Customisable Front-end

Dynamically adjust the front-end claim form based on the conditions of your campaign

Proof of Purchase Support

For campaigns requiring proof, manually determine the validity of a claim with image upload support for customers

Loyalty Program Support

Incentivise return customers with point accrual as part of a loyalty program

Address Validation

Integrated data matching with Australia Post addresses

Data Export

Convert reporting data into XLS spreadsheets at the click of a button

User Management

Manage permissions for multiple users at different levels of access

Draw Support

Run lottery style promotions knowing our code is verified to be truly randomised

Stock Management

Instant visibility of the stock on hand in your 3PL providers warehouse


Empower your brand

Tailored Front-end

Optimised for speed, customised for your needs. Dynamically generate claim form requirements on the front-end of your themed website with room for custom additions


Its not the stone age!


Still using spreadsheets? Micro-management overload? Do away with manual processes and save your businesses time & manpower through the power of automation and notify customers at every stage from claiming to delivery




Measure the effect of your campaign with a reporting suite capturing data pertaining to:

  • Claims by State
  • Claims by Store/Outlet
  • Claims by Purchased Product
  • Approval & Rejections
  • Custom Reporting

PMA Global

As part of our platform we have partnered with PMA Global, Veterans of the industry who is widely considered as a pioneer of independent print management in Australia to satisfy the logistics & distribution needs of your business.

With branches internationally, the team at PMA have managed many successful campaigns across the company's lifetime of over 25 years of independant procurement with manufacturers and sporting a solid work ethic in delivering value to their clients. PMA ensures products must be of a high quality, on time and cost effective. Whilst technology and the market change, PMA's core belief on delivering value does not.

PMA specialise in simplifying the sourcing, storing & distribution of branded material and print management processes refined with in-house design that are made for secure and efficient storage, purpose built for branded materials. MaxRedeem fit's into PMA's processes at the point of distribution, claimant & prize details are captured and provided to PMA's warehouse for fulfillment. MaxRedeem also syncs with warehouse SOH (Stock On Hand) for simplified re-ordering and demand gauging. Should you opt for it, PMA's relationship & agreements with couriers ensure that your shipping costs are kept to a minimum.


Tailored to your specific needs


PMA Global are specialists in branded collateral sourcing. With over 29 years of providing sourcing for their clients they are experts in the field.

They utilise the most innovative industry specific procurement system available which not only ensures the best price on any day for your job but also operates on a global scale.

Completely independent they harbour no bias to equipment or supplier - using only accredited suppliers from our local or global network as dependent upon your requirements.


World Class


PMA's Warhouses are bonded premises, have TGA approval and our warehousing systems provide a full range API suite for connection to any software system.

With in-excess of a 40,000 pallet capacity their facilities house the people, knowledge and systems to provide clients with the best possible service.


Effortless and worry-free


PMA's despatch systems include Least Cost Freight capability, delivering the best price option for each individual consignment is made available to the despatcher, in order that they can focus on the checking and packing processes. All PMA's transport providers are continually monitored and regularly assessed to ensure they are providing the service required.

Through PMA's expertise in delivering logistics services over decades, innovation through customised systems, and the support of specialist freight providers, PMA delivers quality and price according to each clients' briefs, on time, every time.

Should you not have a distributor in mind, MaxRedeem proudly recommends PMA Global as our preferred provider. For more information, please check out their website via: